Tokyo International Airport (HND)
Car Hire / Rental

(Tokyo, Japan)

There are car rental offices in the Arrivals lobbies of Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 at Tokyo Haneda International Airport (HND).

Served by four car hire companies, Haneda Airport offers a variety of vehicles for hire to suit all tastes and budgets, ranging from luxury air-conditioned cars to more economical runabouts.

If you are coming from abroad, be aware that you will need an international driving licence to drive anywhere in Japan. Your local licence alone will not suffice.

Car Rental, Driving and Parking in Tokyo

The traffic in the heart of Tokyo is often heavy and can become congested at times. The city's network of public transportation is good and means that driving in the centre is not usually necessary. Many of the roads are difficult to navigate, frequently not being named and becoming rather narrow at times. However, renting a car at Haneda Airport really comes into its own when you intend to travel outside of Tokyo. Mito, Sakura and Tsukuba all lie to the north, together with the world-famous Omiya Bonsai Village, which regularly attracts many thousands of visitors each year.

Toll roads and expressways outside of Tokyo can be expensive and within the city centre, parking is a big problem and spaces are scarce. In Japan, all vehicles drive on the left and the general rules of the road tend to follow international conventions. Most local Japanese drivers are well-mannered and usually considerate to others.

Tokyo Haneda Airport (HND) Car Rental Companies

The following is a list of car hire firms with offices at Haneda Airport:

  • Japaren
  • Nippon
  • Nissan
  • Toyota

Haneda Airport (HND) Car Rental

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Tokyo Airport HND

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