Tokyo International Airport (HND)
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(Tokyo, Japan)

Tokyo Airport (HND) Travel and Transport: Image of Narita AirportThere are various transport options for getting to and from Haneda Airport. These include travelling by taxi, limousine, bus, Keikyu Railways trains or via the Tokyo Monorail.


Haneda Airport is served by several bus companies that run buses to Tokyo, Tokyo suburbs and neighbouring prefectures. There are also bus services to local major hotels. Tickets are sold on a first come, first served basis until the bus is full. It is possible to buy tickets as you board the buses, but to ensure that you get a seat on the bus you want, passengers are recommended to buy tickets in advance from the ticket counters in the terminals. There are bus stops located outside Arrivals at terminals 1 and 2, and outside the International Terminal. Some bus travel times are as follows: Tokyo Station - 40 minutes; Yokohama Station - 30 minutes; and Narita International Airport - 75 minutes. These are scheduled times; journey times can be longer depending on traffic.


Keikyu Railways run train services from Haneda Airport. Keikyu Haneda Station lies between terminals 1 and 2, and is reached via the pedestrian walkway which connects the two terminals. There are train services that connect the airport with the Asakusa Subway Line, Shinagawa Station in Tokyo and the prefectures of Yokohama and Kanagawa.

Monorail Trains

Tokyo Monorail run a service from Haneda Airport. There are two monorail stations at the airport, one at Terminal 1 and the other at Terminal 2. The monorail runs to Hamamatsucho Station, from where it is possible to transfer to the JR Yamanote Line or the JR Sobu/Yokusaka Line.

Taxi Cabs

Haneda Airport is well served by taxis. There are taxi stands outside all three terminals. Taxis in Japan are not very practical for long journeys, as they can be very expensive.

Tokyo Airport HND

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